We would like to thank your club for their financial donation to our project in Ecuador

We would like to thank your club for their financial donation to our project in Ecuador and also for allowing the Speaking Squad to speak to you. We have confirmed the project and the Latacunga Rotary Club wants our help in expanding a nursing home and rehabilitation center in Latacunga.  They have asked that we provide magnotherapy equipment, electro-stimulators, treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes for the rehabilitation center.  We will also be painting the building and purchasing/installing a greenhouse.  The nursing home has a large, undeveloped property and they would like our club to utilize the land by planting a garden and fresh fruit trees for the seniors.  We will also be building a much needed wheel chair ramp so all seniors have access to the building and the garden.  This project is really exciting for our club because we strongly believe in the value of connecting through generations.  We hope by helping at the rehabilitation center that we can excite the seniors about the youth of today.  While in Latacunga we will also be traveling to schools, daycares and orphanages to teach English to kids.  We want to thank you for supporting this project and supporting us in our international goals. 

Last weekend nine of our Interactors travelled down to Spokane, Washington to attend the District Leadership Training Assembly.  This was a wonderful opportunity for our members to learn about Rotary and share our stories with other Rotarians.  One of our members was particularly very moved by the support.  One of the best things we heard him say that weekend was “it’s so amazing how these people who don’t even know us but will do anything to support our dreams.”  His comment explains the power of Rotary and exactly what your club did for us.  It’s amazing to think that your club wants to support each and every one of us even after only meeting us once and that’s the power of Rotary.  It is because of support from Rotary Clubs like yours that our project in Ecuador will be completed this July and for this we are incredibly grateful.  We look forward to coming home and sharing our own Rotary story with you and hopefully inspiring you as much as your support has inspired us.

Thank you for everything,

Interact Club of Golden