On Saturday, June 25 the three Rotary clubs of the Columbia Valley (Golden, Radium Hot Springs and Invermere) and a number of Rotary dignitaries including incoming District Governor Kees van der Pol came together to learn more about each other, Rotary International and to vision joint projects for the future.  It was a wonderful day held at the Radium Golf Course. 
In the attached photo, past president of Radium Rotary, Dale Shudra, President of Golden Rotary, Michele Lapointe, President of Radium Rotary, Maria Kliavkoff, and President of Invermere Rotary, Darrell Smith celebrate that we are “this close” to finding a cure for Polio.  It was announced earlier in the day that Rotary is close to eradicating polio from the planet, a goal that was set by Rotarians in 1985.  30 years later in the first half of 2015 40 cases were reported worldwide.  A country is declared Polio free when there has not been a new case in 3 years.  To date in 2016 there are 16 new cases in the two remaining countries where Polio is hanging on…Pakistan and Afghanistan.  We are winning this war.  Rotary is working tirelessly to immunize individuals in these two countries against this debilitating disease.   
Closer to home all three Rotary clubs are having fun working to create better communities for us all.  The three clubs are looking forward to working together and continuing to serve the communities of the Columbia Valley and beyond with programs like the life kit, the rotary trails, the community garden and parks, the sponsorships, bursaries, and youth programs.  We believe in investing in our communities and in having fun doing it.