Today marks the 85th Anniversary of Rotarians from the USA and Canada meeting to do a ceremonial handshake across the border and pledge peace.

As you may know Rotarians, from both countries, were instrumental in the creation of the the Waterton/Glacier Peace Park.  Each year Rotarians gather at this park

to commemorate this historic event by singing the national anthems/shake hands across the border and recite the Peace pledge.   This ceremony could not be done this year owing to the fires in the Park.

As a result Rotarians everywhere have been asked to meet at noon today, Sunday, to do the ceremony at different locations.  Thanks to Maria’s email, Kelly and I drove to the

Radium Sunrise Rotary Club gardens.  We were the only ones there to support her efforts.  Sang both anthems (fine duet!) shook hands and recited the Pledge. Maria has dual citizenship so she represented the USA.