Invermere Splash Park

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In May of 2011 the Rotary Club of Invermere embarked on a Rotary International sanctioned Visioning Process to establish future goals and directions for the club.  The Club’s Vision “We are a club that has fun by serving our community and the world with meaningful projects” is being realized through its Community Service Mandate which is “The Club supports and/or facilitates a major legacy project that the Community deems relevant and needed.”  To this end the Community Service Community engaged in a major project evaluation process by soliciting input from many Community Stakeholders.

Out of this process 2 projects were identified as meeting the criteria:  The Crossroads Improvement Project (completed May 2012) and the Invermere Splash Park at Kinsmen Beach.  Since the cost of a Splash Park starts at $200,000 and goes up from there a major fundraising campaign is being launched.  We currently have $60,000 in the kitty to contribute to the project but that is well short of our goal.  The financial support of Community members is going to be crucial to our goal of having this project ready for the summer of 2013.  Please contribute to this worthwhile project.  Major contributions of $5000 or more will be recognized by on-site signage.
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